「外贸实用英语」交货 | Delivery

本文摘要:例句 | Useful Sentences· 交货时间 | Delivery time1) 卖方 Seller The delivery date is too soon.交货日期太紧了. Could you make it 6 weeks instead of 4? That would give us enough time to organize productions.您能将四周改为六周吗?这样我们才有足够时间摆设生产。


例句 | Useful Sentences· 交货时间 | Delivery time1) 卖方 Seller The delivery date is too soon.交货日期太紧了. Could you make it 6 weeks instead of 4? That would give us enough time to organize productions.您能将四周改为六周吗?这样我们才有足够时间摆设生产。I don't think we can meet the delivery date you suggest.我想我们无法满足贵方提出的交货日期。Couldn't you extend the delivery period by two weeks or so? That would make things much easier for us.贵方不能将交货期再延长两个星期吗?那会让我们好过得多。

We can let you have the first batch in six weeks and the rest in about three months, from today.从今天开始盘算,你们能在六个星期后收到第一批货,其余的货物约莫三个月内送到。There's still another possibility to ensure a prompt delivery of the goods.另有另一种可能可以确保如期交货。

I'm sorry to tell you that we are unable to give you a definite date of shipment for the time being.很歉仄,我们现在还无法告诉您确切的装船日期。We assure you that shipment will be made no later than the first half of March.我们能保证的是货物不会迟于三月份上半月2) 买方 BuyerAs far as delivery dates are settled, there shouldn't be any problems about the shipment.既然交货期已经确定下来,那这批货应该没其他什么问题了You mustn't let us down on delivery dates.贵方不能在交货日期上对我方失约.The order No. qf0618 is so urgently required that we have to ask you to speed up producing.第qf0618号订单所订货物我们要急用,请你们加速生产的速度。Could you manage to hasten the delivery?你们能否加速装运?A timely delivery means a lot to us.实时交货对我们来说很是重要。Could you do something to advance your shipment?你们能不能设法提前装运?Can you finish the shipment of the order in March?您看这批货能在3月份装运吗?· 运输方式 Transportation1) 卖方SellerWhat is your specific transport requirement?你们需要的运输条件是什么?For such a big order, we propose to have the goods dispatched by sea.数量如此多的货物,我们建议走海运。

It will cause a lot of problems in our transportation.这将给我们的运输带来许多问题。2) by buyer 买方可以说Sometimes sea transport troubles us.有时海运对我们来说贫苦。You may have some difficulties in arranging railway transportation, I guess.我猜你们摆设铁路运输有难题。


We would prefer to have goods delivered by road, not by railway.我们更愿意用公路运输而不用铁路.Today let's discuss the mode of transportation of the furniture we ordered.今天我们就谈谈关于家具的运输方式吧。How do you usually move your machines?通常你们是怎么运输你们的机械的?· 口岸 Port1) 卖方 SellerSo, Qingdao will be the loading port, right?所以,青岛将会是装运港,对吗?We’d better have a talk about the loading port.我们最好能讨论一下装运港的事。

I hope you can choose a big loading port.我希望你能选一个大口岸装运。2) 买方 BuyerWhat’s your unloading port, please?请问,你们的缺货港是那里?Shall we talk about the discharging port?我们是不是谈谈缺货港的问题?It won’t be a problem to change the loading port from Qingdao to Lianyungang.装运港同青岛改到连云港不是多大的问题· 转运 TransshipmentIn case of transshipment, you will have to pay extra transportation fee.如果货物需要转运,贵司需要负担转运费。Do you want to transship the good to Qingdao at Lianyungang?您需要将货物由连云港转运到青岛吗?All the transshipment charges will be included in CIF price.到岸价钱包罗了所有的转运用度。

There may be risks of damage to the goods during transshipping.转运历程中可能引起货物的损坏。相关词汇 | Related Vocabularytransport 运输shipment 装运、装船transportation company 运输公司transportation cost 运输成本consignee 收货人regular shipping liner班轮lighter 驳船combined transportation 联运Combined Transport Documents (CTD) 团结运输票据shipping space 舱位tanker 油轮multimodal combined 联运,多式联运clearance of goods 报关cargo receipt陆运收据Bill of Loading (B/L) 提单to take delivery of goods 提货through transport联运direct vessel 直达船只airway bill 空运提单entire voyage 整个运输历程中formality 手续optional port 选择港(任意港)steamship(缩写S.S) 汽船optional charges选港费charter(the chartered ship)租船optional charges for Buyers' account 选港费由买方肩负voyage charter定程租船time charter 定期租船shipper/consignor 托运人(一般指出口商)load time 装货时间shipment during Jan./Feb.或 Jan./ Feb. shipment 一/二月份装船late shipment 迟交prompt delivery 即期交货to speed up加速shipment during....in two equal lots 在···(时间)平均分两批装船initial shipment 第一批货shipment during January/January shipment一月份装船shipment no later than Jan. 31st. 一月底装船in three equal monthly shipments分三个月平均装运partial shipment 分批装船loaded to full capacity满载transshipment entry 转运报单transshipment(T.S.)转运transshipment manifest 转运仓单to transship (transship) 转运transshipment trade 转口商业transshipment permitted 允许转运transshipment to be allowed 准许转运transshipment prohibited 不许转运transshipment not allowed 禁绝许转运transit shipment 转运,中转partial shipment 分批装运transshipment on route 中途转运sailings 船次loading port 装货港unloading port 卸货港port of shipment 装运港port of destination 目的港European Main Ports (E.M.P.) 欧洲主要口岸结语 P.S.本期《外贸实用英语》的分享到此就暂告一个段落了,很是谢谢小同伴们的支持和认可,有关于外贸方面的问题可以留言讨论或者私信给我都可以,有时间会努力给您解答。但究竟我们是一个语言学习的频道,外贸实操相关的内容不作为重点。